Fake Rolex

Yet again I am having to write to your website as I am not receiving a response to emails. My order number is 201351377 for a fake rolex- Mr O'Brien. The fake rolex watch was purchased in March 2014 fpr 99.23. I have contacted you and been dealing with helen firstly concerning damage and now the replica rolex watch has stopped working altogether. This really is not acceptable and I wish for it to be replaced and no further emails requesting I attempt to rectify it myself when clearly the item is faulty and requires replacing. I expect this matter to be settled this week. Please contact me on thank you Vincent O'Brien

I have written to you numerous times and you have been exceptionally ignorant in that you have not had the decency to reply. I asked for an additional 2 links to expand the strap of the above fake rolex watch (which I canĄ¯t wear, because it doesnĄ¯t fit me) and you have totally ignored me. I have also asked for your address in order to return the replica watch for a full refund and, once again, you have ignored me. This is the last time I am writing to you and it is just to say that I will give you until the end of this week (up until Friday 27/06/2014) and if you have not had the decency to respond, I will take matters up with the authorities. I WILL NOT GO AWAY & BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT I WILL CAUSE YOU A LOT OF PROBLEMS WITH THE AUTHORITIES. I want my money back and you have until Friday 27th. June 2014.